Redefining Beautiful

“You’re not beautiful for what you look like. Being pretty doesn’t make you beautiful, being ordinary-looking doesn’t make you beautiful either. You know what is beautiful? Kindness is beautiful. It really is. Chivalry is beautiful. Respect is beautiful. Love is beautiful. Empathy is beautiful. They run deeper than the skin. They really do. They appeal to people’s souls, not to their lust. Remember that.” -Oshin Ahlawat

Beauty. It’s something that this culture craves. It’s something that people get wrapped up in. And it’s something that society demands. But you know what else it is? It’s something that has been twisted into something that it’s not. Beauty in this world is defined as a pretty face and a hot bod. It’s clear skin and blue eyes and blonde hair. It’s nice clothes and perfect hair and don’t forget that bleached white smile against sunkissed skin. It’s bullshit. That’s what it is.

Friends, we’ve got it all wrong. That’s not beauty. I know you’ve heard it a million times but one more time won’t hurt: IT’S THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS. “Yeah yeah. We know, Tatum.” But do you? Do you really? We all (myself included) get wrapped up in beauty because…well, it’s pleasing to look at. But that’s why our cultures struggles so much with things like lust and selfishness. We know in our hearts that the inside is what really matters, yet we judge people by what they look like before we even know them. We spend hours perfecting our appearance, money on surgeries to “fix” our “problem areas”, and precious time on things that DON’T MATTER. Yep, you heard me right. BEAUTY DOES NOT MATTER. At least that kind doesn’t. But, there is another kind and it does in fact matter. A lot, actually.

Being kind. Being gentle. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Having an open heart, an open mind, an open door. Your thoughts, your attitude, your actions. How you treat people. How you treat yourself. The words you say. The way you make people feel. Your soul. It all comes down to your soul. Is it beautiful?

You see, beautiful things don’t ask for attention. That’s why nature is so beautiful. The sun rises and the sun sets whether we watch it our not. The mountains don’t scream for us to climb them, to look at them, but boy are they beautiful. The waves of the ocean. The leaves of a tree. The blades of grass and flakes of snow and drops of rain. I mean, come on people! We are surrounded by beauty. Beauty that does not ask for attention, demand approval, or seek validation.

What if we, as humans, were like that? Humans that didn’t ask for attention, demand approval, or seek validation. Humans that worked on things like kindness and humbleness instead. Humans that lived for the approval of God, not of man. Because when it comes down to it, those are the things that last. The things that people remember, that God remembers. When I go back and think of all of the beautiful people I have met, I don’t remember what they looked like or what they were wearing. But I do remember how they treated me. I remember their big hearts and kind souls. I remember their gentle spirits and encouraging words. I remember their beauty. Their inner beauty.

“Charm can fool you. Beauty fades. But a woman who has respect for the Lord should be praised.” -Proverbs 31:30

There ya have it, folks. Charm? It can trick ya. Which I personally think is a good thing because I’m super awkward. Beauty? It fades. Bye bye. Respect for the Lord? Respect for others? Respect for yourself? JACKPOT BABY.

Oh, and one more thing. The dumb blonde thing? It’s got to go. Pretending you’re stupid as a way to be cute? It’s not working. Educate yourself. Intelligence is intriguing.

“I remember when I was younger and I wanted to be beautiful; now I’m older and I want to be intelligent. I want to burn hearts with brilliance and engulf souls with compassion. I want to be loved for my thoughts and nothing else.”

I found this quote a few days ago and I can’t even explain how much I feel this in my heart. That’s why I write. I want people to fall in love with my ideas, my words, my mind. You might not know what I look like or think I look “beautiful” on the outside but quite frankly, I don’t really care. If you love my words, you love me because this is me. My favorite quotes? I have no idea what their authors look like. But I love them. Putting your soul on paper (or on a computer screen) is a whole different type of beauty. It’s raw and revealing and scary sometimes. But it’s beauty, none the less.

Let’s all be beautiful today. Let’s show the world that kindness is cool, chivalry is not dead, vulnerability is not weakness. Let’s be compassionate and gentle and selfless. Let’s redefine beautiful.

XOXO Tate ❤


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