I’m Having a Moment!


Guys!!! I’m having one of those moments. Ya know, those moments? The “wow I’m truly happy right now and I am so blessed and all is right in the world and my heart is full of joy” moments. Yep, that’s me right now. I don’t even know why this is hitting me so hard but for some reason, it is. I’ve just spent 5 (okay 45) minutes standing in my backyard and obsessing over the sky. A STORM IS COMING PEOPLE A STORM IS COMING!!! Or so I think. And what’s even better…big moment coming up…it feels COOL out! Yes, you heard me. For those of you who don’t live in Arizona, “cool” and “august” are two words that never ever go together. I actually don’t think it has ever happened before which is maybe why this moment is so cooool! Haha get it? My stupid play on words is something I really need to work on BUT ANYHOO. This moment. I am in it and I am happy. I feel full and content and extremely thankful. Here I am, just a little girl in Phoenix, looking up at this great big sky. This great big sky that the Creator of the universe has painted for us today. Good one, God! Good one! And in this moment I feel both big and small. I feel powerful and fearless, like I can conquer the world. But I also feel itty bitty. My problems that seemed sooo big just a few hours ago now seem strangely little. Stupid, even? IT’S ALL HITTING ME. All the feels, all the insight, all the wisdom from God. Perspective, man. It changes things. When we keep our eyes on the big things in life, our problems seem to shrink in comparison. The big things like the sky or perhaps, God? Everything turns into a God moment with me but think about it!! How small am I compared to the sky? A stupid question, I know. You would think I would be even smaller to God but (plot twist) I’m not! Yes, my problems and troubles right now seem annoyingly insignificant, BUT I am not annoyingly insignificant to God. He cares about me and therefore, He cares about my problems. But sometimes, He uses moments like these to nudge (slap me in the face) about what’s really important in life. I can imagine him saying “Oh Tatum, my sweet daughter Tatum. Look at the sky. Look at how beautiful it is. Look at how beautiful you are. Keep your eyes on the big picture. Keep your eyes on Me, my daughter. Keep your eyes on me.” Oh man, I just love moments like these! Moments of clarity and moments of joy and moments of hearing God’s voice. Who knew a cloudy day would bring so much insight?  All I can say is thank you Lord. Thank you for your grace and thank you for slapping me in the face when I need it and thank you for still loving me after you have slapped me 12 times and I still don’t get the point. Oh, and thank you for the sky!

Okay stop reading this and go look at the clouds people!!!
Love youuuu,



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