You’re Not In a Hurry

So I was reading a book (big surprise) and the author was talking about how we unconsciously tell ourselves little lies throughout the day. She pointed out several funny things but there was one thing in particular that really stood out to me.

You’re in a hurry.

As I thought more and more about this, I realized just how true it really is. I’m always rushing, on the go, feeling like I’m late (granted sometimes I am). But most of the time, I’m really not in a hurry. Like why am I racing around the kitchen at 6 am pouring my Cheerios like there’s some timer I have to beat? Better question, why do I scarf them down in a record time of 30 seconds? Sometimes I feel like I would be really good at those hot dog eating contests… hmm professional hot dog eater or professional writer? Definitely something to think about. But back to the topic! WHY in the world do I always feel like I’m in a hurry?!?

Just last night I was joking about this with a few friends. We were talking about how annoying slow walkers are. While other people might be slightly inconvenienced by a slow walker, I legitimately find myself getting MAD. The sad thing is I’m not joking. After this realization, I find myself getting even more mad because I feel like I shouldn’t be mad in the first place. At this point, I am just one big ball of mad. As I sprint past them, I fight the urge to scream WHY ARE YOU SO RELAXED YOU NEED TO BE MORE STRESSED OUT LIKE ME!!!! I bet they’re thinking “Yep. You’re exactly what we want to be like.” Funny thing is, they usually end up walking slower after this outburst. .

So while me and my friends were joking about this, I realized something. I think I’m so mad because these people are so relaxed and I’m envious of that. I want to be like them. I want to be relaxed and calm and slow-walking my way through life. I don’t want to be this crazy stressed out maniac. I want to stop and smell the flowers every once in awhile.

So that’s what I did. Not necessarily the smelling the flowers part because I feel like that would be slightly creepy but I did try to slow down. Or should I say slooooow doooooown.

I’m usually so busy being stressed out that I don’t take the time to notice my surroundings. Like today, for instance. I walked around the neighborhood slow-man style and really NOTICED everything around me. The trees, the sky, the houses. The cars, the rocks, the flowers. I’m not sure if meditative walking is a thing but if so, I did it. And it was amazing. I was in awe of how quiet and peaceful and beautiful the world was. I was even more in awe of how I’ve never noticed it before.  And I thought to myself I have been missing out.

That’s what happens when we’re in a hurry. We miss out on the present moment. We’re so focused on getting to the next place that we don’t appreciate the place we’re in. And lets face it, life is too short to live that way. So this may just be one long rant that you can’t relate to and if that’s the case, sorry chief. BUT if you find yourself just as hurried and stressed out as me, I challenge you to a little something. Just for a day, focus on slowing down. Remind yourself that you’re not in a hurry. Take time to stop and smell the flowers (and if you do, please inform me if it really is that creepy.) But in all seriousness, take a chill pill, slow yo pace, and take a second to just enjooooy the moment you’re in.




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