About Tate

Hello and welcome to my site (the new and hopefully improved one!) My name is Tatum Morton, but most people call me Tate. I’m 21 years old and I live in the blazing hot city of Phoenix, Arizona. You can most likely find me hiking a mountain, on the floor of a bookstore, or upside down on my yoga mat. I’ve created this site because one, I love to write and two, I have a story to tell. It’s a story of love and loss, of joy and heartbreak. A story about the eating disorder that almost killed me, and the God that ultimately saved me. It’s a story of my crazy, messy journey towards a recovered, happy, and balanced life. So if you happen to like Jesus or nature or laughing or kitties, books or poetry or podcasts or yoga…THIS is your site and it would be my pleasure to have you join along with me on the ride!



Insta: tatum_morton

Twitter: tatum_morton

Snapchat: tateeeeee


One thought on “About Tate

  1. Hello! I don’t know if you have written in a while but hope you keep writing and expressing yourself through love! You are amazing for talking about your love for Jesus and your anxiety and just in general of everything you speak about! I first saw your profile on Thought Catalog. On giving up, your one article which I hope you continue to write more! What motivated you to write?


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